Live Barcelona is a consortium of public and private-sector members, open to all bodies and organizations associated with the field of sustainable mobility. Through projects based on sustainability, strategic policies, new business models and the creation of a network for knowledge sharing and the dissemination of information, Live aspires to encourage the population to make the move to low-emission vehicles.  


To become an international reference

The city of Barcelona, Greater Barcelona and Catalonia are trailblazers in the field of sustainable mobility. Live aspires to help them maintain and boost their strategic position in the world ranks.

To unite bodies, organizations and places

There are public and private-sector projects throughout the whole of Catalonia that are reference points in sustainable mobility. Live acts as a bridge for all these bodies and different places in helping to meet citizens’ needs and demands.

To foster new sustainable projects

Live helps to foster the implementation of strategic projects at a local and international level, offering different sectors the promotional tools needed to develop them.


LIVE is made up of bodies and organizations from the public and private sectors. LIVE’s members can join on two different levels, as managing or collaborating members. This public and private-sector consortium carries out its work through working groups and cross-cutting permanent committees.   

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