Urban Mobility, a successful zone at the Barcelona International Motor Show 2015

On Sunday we said goodbye to the International Motor Show, where more than 50.000 people visited the area Urban Mobility. There, LIVE was able to enjoy its own stand having a large number of visitors and reaching a significant media presence. Alongside other bodies and companies in the field of more sustainable urban mobility, we played a leading role in the Urban Mobility zone that appeared for the first time at this edition.

The companies and organisations with which we shared this space all work towards the same objectives: reducing traffic in cities; minimising the environmental and health impact of vehicle emissions; and working on new forms of sustainable mobility. Accordingly, we could see all the innovations relating to proposals being made by cities such as Barcelona that are aware of the sustainable transport: electric or gas powered vehicles; rolling out recharging points; low-emission public and private transport fleets; efficient and sustainable parking apps and infrastructure, amongst others.

Many visitors showed an interest in electric vehicles. Major companies like Nissan, Volkswagen, Renault and Audi presented their much-anticipated proposals for pure electric vehicles and ‘plug-in’ hybrids. Nissan’s presence was particularly noteworthy, with its stand of over 5000 metres with a special focus on electric vehicles and its vision of connected mobility with zero emissions.

Gas powered vehicles were the other big star of the Urban Mobility zone. The Seat Leon TGI, powered by natural gas, captured the interest of visitors thanks to its price and its long range (over 1300 km).

Savings, awareness of improvements in the quality of the air we breathe, noise reduction and the chance to drive the development of a new industrial and technological structure are the foundations these companies have built on to design their most sustainable models of cars.

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