Un cotxe elèctric sense botons i connectat a Internet

Telefónica is the company responsible for providing permanent Internet connection to the Evs of Tesla Motors in thirty European countries. Among other innovations, the electric Tesla Motors model is known for his sensational multimedia connectivity system controlled by a touch screen of 17 inches. From this FullHD screen you can configure different parts of the vehicle, adjust the climate control, connect your mobile phone to use handsfree or browse different statistics of the electric consumption of the car. This system has other benefits such as navigation with Google Maps, check web pages, Internet device with a WiFi tethering, listen to online radio station and many more activities.

Therefore, it is essential that the data connection is via a SIM card integrated in the same vehicle. Here is where Telefónica enters, offering this connectivity to Telsa in Europe. In the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we could see one of the most popular eletric models of Tesla, exhibited at the stand of Telefónica.

For Telefonica this partnership will establish an exciting new line of business to explore. For its part, the U.S. manufacturer has been seduced not only by the ability of the operator for its accessibility to the Internet, but also for its management platform connections from machine to machine (M2M). The M2M is a general concept to name the exchange of data between two remote machines, whether dial-up or satellite link. A type of connection that will make life easier for drivers.

Meanwhile, Ford also presented at the exhibition center a prototype vehicle that seeks for technology and partners for future smart driving. The car has on its roof four sensors that can visualize the environment in a radius of 70 meters around the vehicle using infrared light, which allows to calculate the distance between the vehicle and the object closest to him. More than driverless cars, the idea of Ford is to try vehicles with WiFi connecting with each other and with public transport infrastructure to facilitate the movement.

Another favorite as future car is the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG, its a prototype of intelligent vehicle technology by Qualcomm, a maker of microchips and operating system development for QNX (BlackBerry). Its Snapdragon microchips offer real-time access to video and content of the cloud, they also offer clear graphics on the touch screen panel, interface display of a phone or tablet on the panel itself, gesture recognition and various HD cameras. From the mobile devices its possible to handle anything wireless from the vehicle except the steering wheel, of course.[:]

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