2015: A key year for sustainable mobility

2015: A key year for sustainable mobility

On December 15th, the annual assembly of the Live Platform was held, with the presentation of data, indexes and landmarks achieved in 2015. These outcomes have all been positive, helping us pave the way toward sustainable mobility.

Among its successes, mention must first be made of the amendment of the Catalan Civil Code. This has facilitated the installation of charge points by Communities of Property Owners, subsidies for the installation of over 20 rapid charge points and for the purchase of electric motorcycles and bicycles, and subsidies for the purchase of low-emission vehicles used as taxis, which have benefited 20 electrically operated taxis in the Barcelona area and 70 hybrid or gas-fuelled ones.

Secondly, we have managed to ensure electric vehicles’ toll-free use of motorways run by Catalonia Regional Government and the approval of changes to the criteria for the certification of vehicle air quality in keeping with vehicle emission levels, thus making it easier for the public authorities to apply policies that channel the demand for vehicles toward low-emission vehicles, in particular electric ones.

As an example of the success of these different policies and measures, we have publicized current data on low-emission vehicles in Catalonia (made up of 650 electric vehicles, 1,365 hybrid cars, 242 mopeds and electric motorcycles, 360 liquid gas vehicles, and 2,858 natural gas vehicles), the network of charge points (which currently consists of over 1,000 plugs), and the future incorporation of charge points to three European corridors for electric vehicles.

In 2016, the Live Platform aspires to continue growing and leading the way in the promotion and dissemination of sustainable mobility.[:]

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