The German car manufacturer Volkswagen has publicly launched ‘Together – Strategy 2025’, an ambitious new plan aimed at transforming the company into an international reference point in sustainable mobility. With Strategy 2025, in the coming decade, Volkswagen intends to launch over 30 models of electric cars.

This important announcement by one of the automobile industry’s giants emphasizes to what extent the introduction of sustainable electric mobility heralds an unrelenting change in our lives.

According to Matthias Müller, the company’s CEO: “Volkswagen has always enriched the lives of millions of people all over the world with its brands and products. Our future programme ‘TOGETHER – Strategy 2025’ will make the Volkswagen Group more focused, efficient, innovative, customer-driven and sustainable – and systematically geared to generating profitable growth.”

“We aim to create lasting value for all our stakeholders. This can only be achieved together – with our employees, with and for our customers, shareholders and business partners – while being fully aware of our responsibility toward society and the environment”, Müller went on.

With this programme, the Volkswagen Group has embarked on one of the biggest new changes in its history. The planning of this major move toward electric vehicles is aimed at achieving sales of between two and three million cars over the next 10 years. Technology will be developed in the fields of electric batteries, digitalization and self-driving systems, transforming them into new areas of expertise for the group.

Some electric models are already being launched by Volkswagen. The latest was the Passat GTE, which joins the e-up! and e-Golf (pure electric vehicles) and Golf GTE (a plug-in hybrid). With the Passat GTE, available in a saloon version and variant, a new generation of low-emission family and business vehicles suitable for long journeys has made its début. A Volkswagen car that brings the future into the present, its attractions include one of today’s most avant-garde systems of propulsion, combined with an innovative range of smart-driving aids and information and entertainment systems, setting new landmarks in the mid-range vehicle segment.

Volkswagen intends to invest tens of thousands of million euros into future technologies, funded by improving the group’s efficiency and optimizing its range of models. The new ‘Together – Strategy 2025’ campaign will boost the range of electric cars on the market and no doubt encourage many drivers to opt for a zero-emission vehicle.


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