“Think Blue. represents Volkswage’s commitment to lead world sustainable mobility”

Volkswagen launches the first edition of Think Blue Awards, rewards given to institutions and people that has shown innovation and entrepreneurship in renewal energy and sustainable mobility. This first edition has received over 50 inscriptions of very diverse and interesting projects. The Award Ceremony will take place in Madrid on the 2nd of June.

We spoke with Bárbara Santos, Volkswagen España Think Blue Manager to know the latest news.

What is the aim of Think Blue Awards?

They were born as an step in Volkswagen’s commitment with sustainable mobility and environmental value awareness. Initiatives which has been a breaktrough in the environmental management performed in the last three years will be rewarded with 5,000€.

To whom are aimed the prizes?
There are three categories: investigation, innovation and career awards.
Investigation nomination is addressed to young entrepreneurs between 18 and 35 years old. The prize to innovation is addressed to projects that creat trend in sustainable mobility projects and finaly, the career category is an acknowledgment reward to a professional career devoted to renewable energies and sustainable mobility.

Are you surprised by the projects you are receiving so far? Are they a good reflection of what lies ahead for sustainable mobility?

We have received very interesting and different candidatures all over the world. It is a good sample of ideas and projects related not only to sustainable mobility, but also with renewable energies and environmental interest, for instance.

Who conforms the jury?

We are lucky to have a deluxe jury. The jury is composed by members of the third sector, environmental professors, entrepreneurship schools and universities, specialized journalists and members of Volkswagen Board.
We have Alejandro Lago, director of the UNESCO Chair of Planning and Environment of the Rey Juan Carlos University; Pedro Nueno, Professor of Entrepreneurship at IESE, or Francisco Javier Peñas, professor of Chemical and Soil Science Department of Navarra University.

What is Volkswagen commitment towards sustainability? How useful can be the initiatives proposed to accomplished the goals?

Think Blue represents Volkswagen commitment to lead the world sustainable mobility, with goals that go far beyond the fact of putting technology at the service of environmental protection. Besides, the development of greener and awareness programs models, new forms of mobility and initiatives such as the Think Blue are included. Factory, that looks for a more friendly production environment, or Forest Think Blue., a program in which Volkswagen plant a tree for every vehicle sold in Spain.

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