T-Aire, the anti-pollution travel card!

T-Aire, the anti-pollution travel card!

If you regularly have to travel through Barcelona’s Low Emissions Zone or else work or study between its ring roads and you use a car as your means of transport, you will no doubt be wondering how to go about it when restrictions are imposed during episodes of atmospheric pollution. Even though the restrictions will be gradually applied and they may not affect you, at LIVE, here in Barcelona, we advise you to use public transport in such cases, first and foremost because it is a chance to use the new T-Aire travel card.

The T-Aire card will only be issued on days when there is an episode of atmospheric pollution, and it is mainly designed for people who regularly travel by private vehicle in the Low Emissions Zone to reach their final destination. It is an easy way to promote travel on public transport. T-Aire is a return ticket which will cost €1.80 for travel in one zone under current 2018 rates. It is important to point out that a single ticket for travel in one zone normally costs €2.15.

This ticket will be available from the automatic vending machines on the underground, tram, FGC and Cercanías de Cataluña networks, in addition to machines at some bus stops in the city of Barcelona. From a functional point of view, the T-Aire travel card works the same way as a T-10 card. That is, it can be used throughout the whole of the metropolitan transport area and, during a period of one hour 15 minutes, three changes of line or transport in Zone 1 can be made on any of the affiliated transport systems. The exceptions are the Airport T1 and Airport T2 stations on the L9 south line, since a special ticket or other kind of travel card is needed to reach them.

The T-Aire card is only valid during episodes of atmospheric pollution and it will be removed from sale when the end of the episode is announced. With the card, the aim is not just for habitual private car owners to use public transport during episodes of atmospheric pollution but also for the length and frequency of the episodes to be reduced through its application.

Remember that, after you buy the T-Aire card or any other transport card in the vending machines, the ticket must be validated at the turnpikes or validation machines at the beginning of the trip and with every change-over you make.
Travelling regularly by public transport helps to reduce CO2 emissions and the traffic in our cities, thus encouraging sustainable forms of mobility that are not harmful to our health and which do not contribute to climate change or global warming. [:]

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