El primer carril de càrrega elèctrica per inducció a Espanya en marxa

“If you must move, use electricity”, is the title chosen for the debate in the forthcoming Ágora Forum to be held next 5 November at 9:00h in the Conference Room at ETSEIB (Barcelona Technical College of Industrial Engineering).

Current technological know-how and the atmospheric contamination generated by conventional vehicles have given rise to the focus of research into clean transport alternatives on electric vehicles.

One of the main concerns regarding electric vehicles is the autonomy of their batteries and for this reason many studies concentrate on improving battery components to improve their energy-storage capacity and increase their duration. In this sense, the optimisation of the weight of electric cars to reduce their energy consumption or the possibility of removing the batteries to make the easier to charge are challenges with respect to which work is now in progress.

The Ágora Forum has been set up for the purpose of discussing these challenges and organising a debate about them and different people from the sector will be discussing the challenges posed with the speakers at the event.

Free registration at: http://ruta.me/J213





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