Sustainable and Safe Mobility Week

Sustainable and Safe Mobility Week

October 11th to 18th marks Catalonia’s Sustainable and Safe Mobility Week. This year, the European slogan for the week is ‘Choose. Change. Combine’. This European initiative highlights the need to seek new forms of mobility, moving away from vehicles like private petrol-driven cars toward more sustainable, safe, healthy forms of transport.

The aims of Sustainable and Safe Mobility Week range from encouraging good practices by citizens in their use of vehicles to considering how over-reliance on motor transport affects our health. The event is also directed at raising citizens’ awareness of the environmental impacts of transport and informing them of the different options available to them for moving around the city, promoting the use of sustainable means of transport and, in particular, public transport, bicycles, walking, and electric and gas-operated vehicles.

Expoelectric – the most important electric vehicle event in southern Europe will also be taking place within the framework of Sustainable and Safe Mobility Week. LIVE will be playing a key role in activities, since it promotes the introduction of sustainable vehicles to both private and public fleets, together with the development of the sustainable vehicle market and related transport services. We work with the public authorities to support improvements to public policies and to foster sustainable transport.

For further information, see the website for Sustainable and Safe Mobility Week, where details can be found of all the activities, materials and resources relating to the event

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