Recarregar cotxes elèctrics a tota Europa amb una sola factura ja és possible

A driver of a electric vehicle can now travel around Europe in his vehicle and recharge it with one bill thanks to the European project Green eMotion (GeM) launched in 2011 in which Enel, Endesa, the City of Barcelona and Barcelona Activa, with the support of LIVE platform, are participants since its inception. Thanks to this initiative is already possible for a user of this type of vehicle to be identified and load into a charging point of another company using their ID card or the application for Smartphone charging points associated with GeM. Today, the project already has 1,230 charging points and 433 associated vehicles. This way each operator can identify users of other regions and bill their clients even if they dont recharge in their charging points.

Enel and Endesa had demonstrated that interoperability in recharging electric vehicles in two different European countries is possible thanks to the system developed under the Green eMotion project, which aims to promote the Europe electric mobility system.

The interoperability of the different europpean charging points make it possible to increase the distance of the trips made in electric vehicles across the continent by having an infrastructure of several operators in several countries and, therefore, reducing the fear of many drivers of this type of vehicles of making big journeys outside their country.


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