Noves ajudes per incentivar la compra de vehicles sostenibles

The central government will continue to support with public funds the automotive sector. The minister cabinet approved a week ago the release of four public aid programs and loans for the purchase of vehicles and an incentive plan of the investment together with a budget of 700 million euros. They are the PIVE 6 Plan, the Plan PIMA Aire 4 and Movele 2014 program, plus a new PIMA Transport for heavy vehicles.

The new Plan PIVE, which reaches its sixth edition, will encourage the purchase of about 175,000 vehicles. In general, buyers will receive 2,000€ for the purchase of a new and efficient vehicle while scrapping the old one (hence the thousand euros by the public budget and the other thousand from the manufacturers). The discount is extended to 3,000€ for all the families who buy vehicles with more than five seats as well the ones who purchase adapted vehicles for disabled drivers.

The fourth edition of the Plan PIMA Aire for commercial vehicles will have a budget of 10 million euros and it will allow the purchase of 7,500 sustainable commercial vehicles. The new Plan PIMA Transportation that is going to renew the fleet of heavy vehicles, will have a budget of 405 million euros for funding, this budget will be shared with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and banks.

Both Plan Pive 6 and Plan PIMA Aire 4 are combined with specific support for electric vehicles of the Program Movele 2014.

The final text of the aid Program Movele 2014 was published wednesday in the Official State Gazette (BOE), and therefore its possible to apply for grants to purchase eletric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles since the first of January this year.

The budget for this new program amounts to 10 million euros and it´s valid until 31 December this year or until the aid is exhausted. The amount of each grant by purchase depends on the model and the distance they can travel using only the electric motor. The cars with electric range not exceeding 40 kilometers get 3,000€. Between 40 and 90 km, endow 4,500€ and from 90km of electric range, 6.500€. Minibuses and commercial vehicles have a unique grant of 8,000€ and buses and coaches will get 20,000€.

As a novelty, the public administrations have been included as beneficiaries. They may apply for these grants from individuals, freelancers, private companies, local authorities and government of the autonomous communities and public entities dependents of the above mentioned.

For those interested to receive the aid they can visit the official website for Movele 2014 and get informed about the dealers, outlets, brands and models attached to this program.


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