New funding to promote efficient sustainable transport

New funding to promote efficient sustainable transport

Through the Catalan Institute for Energy, on October 1st the Regional Government of Catalonia intends to make two different types of funding available in order to promote sustainable transport. The first is designed to contribute toward the purchase of electric motorcycles and scooters and the second to help create quick charging stations.

The first type, aimed at boosting purchases of electric motorcycles and scooters, amounts to a total of €200,000. It is directed at citizens, companies and organizations wishing to buy this type of vehicle with a maximum power of 30 kW, energy capacity of over 1.5 kWh, lithium battery and range of over 30 kilometres. In the case of private individuals, this funding will cover 20% of the purchase price, up to a maximum of €1,500 per motorcycle and €750 per scooter. Combustion engines are the main source of nitrogen oxide emissions in cities and it is hoped that this initiative will help the motorcycle industry, since this was the only vehicle with no incentives to encourage the purchase of a new model.

Meanwhile, a total of €200,000 has been set aside for the creation of quick charging stations, with a maximum of 85% of the cost being funded and 70% on toll motorways. This funding is dedicated to extending the network of quick charging stations so as to promote longer journeys with electric vehicles in Catalonia.

With this aid, the Regional Government of Catalonia continues to invest in sustainable mobility and environmental care, as outlined at the beginning of this month in our news bulletin on funding for the taxi sector by the Department for Territorial Affairs and Sustainability.

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