Movalt: New subsidies for purchasing a sustainable vehicle or installing a charge point at your businesss

Movalt: New subsidies for purchasing a sustainable vehicle or installing a charge point at your businesss

Movalt has now come into force and applications for the first subsidies can be made from December 11th 2017 through to June 30th 2018. The Institute for Diversification & Energy Saving (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía or IDAE according to its acronym in Spanish) envisages purchases of some 5,600 vehicles thanks to this initiative, avoiding emissions of about 9,500 tons of CO2.

For further information on how to apply for a subsidy for an electric vehicle, see:

If you would like to have a sustainable vehicle or you have a company and want to install a charge point for customers, now it is much easier because a new series of Spanish State subsidies has just been approved worth 50 million euros. The Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE), attached to the Spanish Ministry for Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, has approved Movalt, not to be confused with Plan Movalt, the incentive programme by the Spanish Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness which also facilitates the purchase of electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and gas-powered vehicles. The 50 million euros were contemplated in the General State Budget and they will be allocated as follows:

  • 20 million euros for the purchase of electric vehicles, with the funding continuing throughout the year when this amount runs out.
  • 15 million euros for the installation of charge points for non-residential private joint use (at hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, car parks and other service-sector venues used by the public).
  • 15 million euros for the development of projects associated with engineering and electric vehicles and, generally, in the field of alternative-energy-powered mobility.
  • In addition to the above financial incentives, Movalt has also done away with some of the red tape that made it so costly and time-consuming to fit charge points:

  • Companies wishing to install a charge point on their premises will no longer have to amend their Articles of Association to become charge point managers. Thus they will be saved the hassle of dealing with this formality in order to provide a charge point for customers.
  • Companies offering this service will no longer require an electricity supply contract for each charge point or separate wiring to the mains network, instead of using energy from the company’s own electricity supplies via its own contract.
  • The need to measure the energy supplied to customers will also be eliminated, provided that the service is free of charge for them.
  • Companies can offer supply services through these charge point by making an initial Responsibility Statement.

    Plan Movalt will soon be approved by IDAE and it is expected to enter into force in late 2017 or early 2018.

    Here at LIVE in Barcelona, we will listen out for the announcement.

  • Update on 13/11/2017:
    Plan Movalt, the final name of the incentive plan, will provide subsidies of between 500 and 18,000 euros for the purchase of a sustainable vehicle.
    Applications can be made for a subsidy for the purchase of a fully electric, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell, autogas and natural gas-powered vehicle.
    Hybrids that are not plug-ins are excluded from this plan.

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