The people of Barcelona are becoming more and more environmentally aware, and increasing numbers of them are opting for greener forms of mobility. Using public transport, travelling by bike or changing to an electric or gas-powered car are key examples of how to help improve the quality of our environment.

For some time now, bikes have been the leading zero-emission means of transport in Barcelona. This last year, however, the spotlight in green mobility moved to motor scooters. Motorbikes and motor scooters have always been a favourite everyday means of transport for most people in Barcelona. Thanks to the mild climate and size of the city, a motorbike is a perfect option all year round, and over 350,000 citizens use this kind of transport. This explains why Barcelona is the city with the most motorbikes per inhabitant in the whole of Europe. Until today, this statistic had a negative side to it – the atmospheric pollution that they generate. Now, however, with the arrival of electric scooters, a fast convenient means of transport can still be guaranteed, with the added bonus of no negative effects on our health or on the planet

The benefits of an electric scooter start with the financial savings they represent, complemented by savings on energy, easy access to a scooter of this kind, and the perks that come with a vehicle that runs on green energy in Barcelona.

To begin with, it costs far less to charge the battery than it does to use petrol (about 60 cents per 100 km); increasing numbers of public charge points are being created in the city (there are currently over 240, click here to see the map); and visits to a mechanic are far less likely since these engines hardly cause any problems and the batteries can last for up to 8 years.

As for their range, this depends on the model, but it can oscillate between 50 and 130 km. They can travel at a maximum speed of at least 70 km per hour, even reaching 100 km per hour. Clearly this makes them an ideal vehicle for inner-city travel.

And if you’re worried about the price, the government offers attractive subsidies to promote purchases, like Plan MOVEA (click here for more details). What is more, these vehicles do not have to pay vehicle registration tax.

Barcelona’s Urban Police Force set an example over a year ago by replacing its fleet of petrol-operated motorbikes with electric scooters, thus reducing its CO2 emissions.

In addition, access to an electric motor scooter is now much easier thanks to new motorbike sharing schemes. This system is growing in popularity due to its affordable prices and the convenience of not having to deal with all the paperwork and responsibility involved in buying your own motor scooter. It is also the best way to try out one of these scooters before going on to buy your own one. You can use one of them to travel round the city for just 0.30 euros a minute through companies like Ecooltra, which works in collaboration with Barcelona City Council. When you finish, you just return it to any of the free car parks distributed throughout Greater Barcelona.

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