LIVE participa a la Conferència d’Eletromobilitat a Berlín, a la Plataforma Europea HyER i al Sabadell Smart Congress

Last month LIVE participated in various international and national electromobility events. On March 26, LIVE attended to Hauptstadtkonferenz Elektromobilitat 2014 – Electromobility (Berlin and Brandenburg). Key projects were presented to strength relationships and to create synergies with the city of Berlin until 2015. On March 27, European Platform HyER, association that offers its members a key role in implementing strategies that aim, with others, electric mobility, LIVE was invited to participated as observer members in its General Board.

LIVE presented its plans for electric mobility and sustainable recent projects launched in Barcelona and Catalonia. Members of the Board who came from Germany, Denmark and Norway, presented their projects around electric mobility, electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles.

Exchange of experiences between the authorities have received from Norway with the deployment of projects around the hydrogen for example where stood the installation of eight hydrogen stations 2018 and 2025 thirteen more, and with initial estimates of 350 hydrogen vehicles in pilot projects for 2018 and a target of achieving 10,000 electric vehicles by 2025 hydrogen.

The members of the Platform HyER presented their latest actions and commissions derived from the European Commission, such as the development of the European Electromobility Observatory, which also showed the projects in which it participates as Platform. FREVUE, demonstrated to the industry, consumers and policy makers that the freight electric vehicles can provide a solution to many of these problems. Also, the project promoted by CHIC High-V.LO City and HyTransit, which involves the integration of HFC 26 buses in daily public transport operations and bus routes in five locations throughout Europe. The CHIC project is supported by the company’s common EU Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (FCH JU) with 26 million, and has 25 partners across Europe, together with industrial partners for the selection of vehicles and refuelling infrastructure. The project is based on phased introduction and accumulation of bus fleets with HFC stations Hydrogen infrastructure to support and facilitate the seamless integration of HFC buses in the transport system European public. Finally, the project HyTEC focuses on the creation of two new centers in Europe for deployment of hydrogen passenger cars in London and Copenhagen, cities which are widely recognized as synonymous with the to develop and then adopt ultra low carbon urban transport solutions.

LIVE has also supported the second edition of Smart Sabadell Congress that took place the last week of April 3 and 4. With the leitmotif Medium-sized, high-quality cities, which put much emphasis on the dissemination of new technologies and innovative procedures applied to medium-sized cities. A clear example was the same town of Sabadell. In cities such plays is where the future of urban intelligence, which is where you live most of the European population and where innovations linked to the concept of “smart cities” are easily applicable. Under the auspices of the Council of Sabadell, together with the assistance of Economic Development Sabadell as Technical Secretariat, IDP and Environment, Engineering and Architecture as Scientific Secretariat, Sabadell Smart Congress in 2014 had the commitment to present the best innovations at Catalan, Spanish, European and international level in the field of smart cities, through a rigorous selection of speakers and other activities demonstrative success stories nationally and internationally.[:]

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