Torrot joins LIVE as a new member of the platform

Torrot joins LIVE as a new member of the platform

LIVE – a public and private consortium for the promotion of sustainable transport – and Torrot have signed an agreement for this historic Basque manufacturer to become a member of the platform. The launch of a new electric scooter by the Mataró-based manufacturer and its desire to promote sustainable transport both played a key role in its incorporation.

Ramon Pruneda, LIVE’s director, highlighted the importance of being able to count on members like Torrot: “Well-known Catalan companies that have specialized in the transport sector since their foundation are fundamental in the success of the LIVE initiative. Torrot has taken a big change in direction by moving toward electrically-powered transport, both through its bikes and the new Muvi, and this is something that all LIVE’s members seek to achieve. The incorporation of companies like Torrot helps LIVE to expand”.

Torrot recently launched a new electric scooter called Muvi. Conspicuous for its autonomy of over 100 km, it is all set to play a key role as a vehicle in sustainable mobility. The scooter comes with lightweight, removable batteries that can be charged anywhere. It also features models with a variety of different engine powers to meet the needs of different users, as well as being the first vehicle constantly linked to the Internet.

LIVE Platform

LIVE promotes initiatives in the field of industrial change with a view to assisting the growth of companies from the sustainable transport sector as well as promoting the generation of employment. Its end goal is to coordinate and support its members in the development of projects, to promote strategic policies and new business models, and to create a network of local and international knowledge. LIVE acts as an umbrella for projects and initiatives run by the platform and, at the same time, as a forum for knowledge exchanges and for coordinating and generating synergies among the projects in which each of its members are engaged.

Over 20 leading bodies from the sustainable transport sector are involved in LIVE, at two different levels: either as supervisory members or collaborative ones. Its supervisory members include Barcelona City Council, Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona, the Catalonia Regional Government, Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM), Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), SEAT, Gas Natural Fenosa, ACS, Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen-Audi’s Spanish offices, and Torrot. Its collaborative members include the RACC, Endesa, Evectra, Circutor, Avancar, Alphabet, Urbaser, Cimalsa, Creafutur, Simon, Calidad Pascual and Car-bus.


Torrot is a pioneer in technology for use in the design, engineering, manufacturing and sale of interconnected personal mobility vehicles. It currently has over 50 dealers throughout the whole of Spain and others in the USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Rumania, Austria, Ireland, the UK and Germany. Torrot is based in Mataró, Barcelona, with branch offices in Seville and California.

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