LIVE col·labora amb empreses i institucions en la preparació de propostes per l’Intelligent Energy Europe

The European Commission programme Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE), set up in 2003 by that organisation, provides assistance to organisations that wish to improve their energy sustainability. That programme, which has the mission of cooperating in building a future in which a sustainable use is made of energy, is aligned with the European Union renewable energy policies which are currently focused on achieving a reduction of 20% in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, an improvement of 20% in energy efficiency and an increase of 20% in the use of renewable energies in Europe.

The call for proposals, which is open until 8 May, includes diverse categories such as Energy and Transport; these categories are, in turn, formed by the sub-categories Energy-efficient transport and clean and Energy-efficient vehicles, and a budget of 9.6 million euros has been allocated to the programme.

The LIVE Barcelona project has given its support to four institutional and entrepreneurial consortiums in preparing their respective proposals for this European programme in areas such as Policies and Programmes for implementing electric vehicles in European cities, clean fleet management, advanced sharing systems for electric motorcycles and the manufacture of electric buses.[:]

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