L’EXPOelèctric Fórmula-e celebrarà la seva 4a edició a l’octubre

L’EXPOelèctric Fórmula-e celebrarà la seva 4a edició a l’octubre

Barcelona will celebrate in October, the fourth largest event of electric vehicles from southern Europe: the Expoelèctric Formula-e, its a pioneering initiative that aims to bring zero emission vehicles to the public. From October 16th until 19th, Expoelèctric Formula-e Barcelona will become a showcase of electric vehicles and of the latest energy-saving technologies. There will be a series of fun activities, totally free for everyone. The project is driven by: Generalitat of Catalonia, the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN), the Barcelona City Council, the College of Industrial Engineers of Barcelona (BCN ENGINEERS) and the Barcelona Provincial Council. They expect to surpass the success of the three previous editions, where more than 10,000 visitors were gathered.

In its latest edition, the EXPOelèctric Formula-e not only features with all types of electric vehicles, it also shows the public vehicles powered by other energy efficient technologies like plug-in hybrids powered by a motor and bi-fuel CNG, LNG and LPG.

This edition will be made up by five activities. It will have the collaboration of LIVE Barcelona platform, the Catalan Association Promoter-Volt Electric Vehicle Tour, and the Green Emotion IBIL.

E-Conference aims to discuss the present and the future of electric vehicles. The conference will be set up with a program of activities and conferences aimed by professionals. These workshops aim to find solutions to overcome the current difficulties of the electric vehicle, both administrative as technological. On Friday October 17th, highlighting the arrival of Electrical Route, more than a hundred electric vehicles will be involved. They are coming from three different points of Catalonia to come together in the iconic Arc de Triomf in Barcelona. The next day, at the Arc de Triomf, it will be there EXPOtest Electrical conference. It is an activity that will feature the latest models of electric and hybrid vehicles on the market, as well as powered by a bi-fuel engine and allows visitors to try the latest technology engines. In addition, there will be e-Colloquia, some informative talks aimed at responding to any questions from the public about electric vehicles. On October 19th, held e-Concert, a live music concert will take place on the side of the Passeig Lluís Companies, while electric vehicles circulating around it. Also offered activities for children, such as a racing circuit electrical, games and children’s workshops to educate children about the importance of acquiring energy efficient habits in all areas.


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