L’EVS27 supera totes les expectatives mesos abans de la seva celebració

EVS27, which will take place from November 17th-20th, is considered to be the worldwide benchmark forum for the electric transport industry, and is expressly acknowledged by the EC. Following an international contest, Barcelona eventually came through against other European candidate cities to be chosen as the host city for the most important edition to-date. At this edition, 90% of the parties registered come from countries from across the five continents.

A total of 541 scientific articles have been submitted, 14% more than at the previous edition, a historic record which shows that electric traction continues to gather momentum. Over four days, academic experts, institutional representatives, and industry leaders will meet in the Catalan capital to explore, share, and promote the development of electric vehicles and technologies that will transform transport as we know it today.

The event, which is aimed mainly at professionals, will also have an exhibition area, which has exceeded expectations in terms of the surface area required, dedicated to the latest innovations in electric and hybrid transport, fuel cells, and recharging infrastructure.

This 27th edition is being organized by the Spanish Association for the Promotion of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (AVELE) together with Fira de Barcelona, and also has the support of the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA), the European Association for Electric Vehicles (AVERE), and the Ajuntament de Barcelona.

The Electric Vehicle Symposium 2013 (EVS27) will bring together governmental and industrial leaders from around the world in order to explore the technological challenges involved in the paradigm shift towards more sustainable transport.[:]

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