L’EVS27 i l’EXPOelèctric Fórmula-e assoleixen xifres de rècord

The EVS27 has hosted more than 4,000 professionals in its most successful edition

The 27th edition of the Mundial Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS27) held in Barcelona between 17 and 20 November, has managed to achieve record figures by gathering 1,300 congressmen and over 4,000 visitors from 58 different countries. The event, which has made the city the world capital of electric mobility, has also had 230 exhibitors presented initiatives from around the world in relation to the electric vehicle.

Live Barcelona had a booth shared with the City Council, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and the Generalitat of Catalonia, who welcomed more than 60 international delegates and in which more than 50 sectoral meetings were held. The same stand had also a Innovation Zone where eight Barcelona companies (OTC Engineering, Drive the City, Evectra,Cinergia, Otocycles, Debione Motorcycles, Scutum and Alfer Motos)) were able to present their projects.

The Large Scale EV Demonstration proves that a 100% electric Barcelona would reduce in half the feeling of noise

In the case of Formula EXPOeletric Fórmula-e, the citizen event of EVS27, which took place from 16 to 17 November, the number of visitors reached the figure of 10,000. In the more than 40 exhibitors were showed 150 electric vehicles and 500 tests were performed on these.

The novelty this year was the performance for the first time in Europe of a test that showed attendees how a city 100 % electric would be, the “EV Large Scale Demonstration“, in which it concluded that Barcelona could cut up 50 % its current level of noise pollution if the conventional combustion vehicles were replaced by eletric. Specifically, the traffic noise with electric vehicles decreased by 7 dB relative to a normal day with thermal vehicles.


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