Les ajudes per al cotxe elèctric ascendiran a 10 milions d’euros aquest any

The Government is putting the final touches to the 2013 programme of incentives for purchasing electric vehicles, thanks to which both individuals and companies can benefit from important discounts on the purchase of these vehicles. In this way, the Government hopes to give the sector a boost and continue to promote the implantation of electric mobility throughout the country.

According to Manuel Valle, director general for Industry and Small Businesses, the formalities for applying for those subsidies should be in place by the beginning of April and, like last year, the budget allocated for this item will amount to 10 million euros.

The deployment of electric vehicles is in decline, as a result of the critical situation of the Spanish and European economies. For this reason, several companies in the electric mobility sector have asked the Government to continue to implement incentives of this type, in order to prevent a fall in sales.


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