Les ajudes del Govern quintupliquen les vendes de cotxes elèctrics

Last April, the Government approved a financial aid Plan to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles. The plan is endowed with 10 million euros for private consumers and self-employed workers or companies who wish to purchase electric quads, passenger cars, vans and coaches. A few weeks later, the balance can be considered positive following sales of 108 electric cars in April, representing a figure five times higher than sales for the same month in 2012 (an increase of 390.9%), when only 22 vehicles of this type were sold.

The increase in sales is concentrated mainly in two regions: Madrid, where sales were multiplied by six and 67 electric cars were sold, and Catalonia with 16 sales, tripling the results for 2012. The regions of Asturias, the Canary Islands and Cantabria are the only ones where no electric vehicles were registered during the month of April.

The list of vehicles promoting clean mobility was complemented by the registration of 786 hybrid vehicles this April. In this case, the increase compared to the same period last year is 5.6%.

The financial aid plan for electric vehicles is completed by the PIVE2 Plan with 150 million euros for the purpose of promoting sales of vehicles that produce lower contaminant emissions.


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