L’Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona utilitza vehicles elèctrics en la gestió dels parcs metropolitans

Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB), the institution responsible, among other things, of the management and maintenance of the Metropolitan Parks has introduced the use of electric vehicles among its technicians. Technicians use these vehicles to move from the AMB headquarters to each of the 36 metropolitan parks, and then to move inside the park and perform various maintenance and quality controls.

Today, AMB already has an electric car and two electric bikes for these functions. In the coming months the fleet will be expanded with new electric cars, electric bicycles and Segways, expanding this way the use of electric vehicle on the management and maintenance service of the parks of AMB.

The entire fleet will have 49 electric vehicles, 11 hybrids, 5 electric bikes and 2 Segways, distributed as follows:

• 4 cars, 2 bikes and 2 Segways are performing quality control inspections of AMB.

• 4 vehicles are for inspections of the technical team of AMB.

• 52 vehicles are for technicians and equipment maintenance contractors.

• 3 bicycles are incorporated to the maintenance staff of the Botanical Garden of Barcelona.

All three companies have incorporated many electric machines for the daily park maintenance. In addition to conventional equipment already used, it will also be used electrical machinery such as: mowers, brushcutters, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, and pruning shears platforms.

In many of the city parks is being introduced the electric van Nissan e-NV200, produced exclusively in the Nissan’s office of Zona Franca, and for which AMB has made a major commitment, since it will become the first metropolitan Taxi 100% electric thanks to the agreement signed.

The use of electric mobility responds also to the principle of sustainability and emissions reduction that AMB applies in transversal way to all its services.

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