L’Ajuntament de Barcelona i Endesa impulsen conjuntament noves formes de gestió energètica i de mobilitat

L’Ajuntament de Barcelona i Endesa impulsen conjuntament noves formes de gestió energètica i de mobilitat

The Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, and the CEO of Endesa, Andrea Brentan, signed an agreement to collaborate in promoting new forms of energy management, including energy self-sufficiency for groups of buildings, or self-sufficient super-blocks. Part of the agreement will be focused on implementing a network that enables electric vehicles to be charged in just 20 minutes, in addition to fostering the energising of the public transport system in electric buses and taxis operating in the city.

Barcelona City Council and Endesa have established a collaborative framework for promoting a new energy model in the capital of Catalonia based on the efficient energising of demand. The agreement includes aspects such as electric mobility, energy efficiency and electric resilience (the ability of systems to flexibly assume and overcome limit situations). This agreement also aims to help position Barcelona as a leader in international innovation and as a smart city of reference worldwide. Recently, Barcelona was designated as the European Capital of Innovation by the European Commission.

The Mayor emphasised the importance of this agreement for the city in generating a new economic growth model based on technology, urban innovation and advanced services. Trias considers the agreement with Endesa is a magnificent example of cooperation between the public and the private sectors which will be essential in joint making progress in areas such as energy efficiency, electric mobility and resilience. Andrea Brentan stressed that the purpose was to promote a new energy model based on the efficient energising of demand through new services for citizens.

The agreement envisages actions that include joint collaboration in designing the Barcelona Smart City strategy in the energy sector, reinforcing the positioning of Barcelona as European Capital of Innovation and in the electric mobility field, joint cooperation in exploring new energy management forms, the preparation of energy plants related to urban planning, the joint evaluation of synergies and cooperation as part of the Barcelona “CityOS” concept, control systems in which data are compiled and monitored to provide assistance in taking efficient decisions for the city, or working to develop projects within the smart cities area of the European Commission Horizon 2020 initiative, the new package of measures to promote research, innovation and competitiveness in the continent.[:]

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