La UE fixa com a objectiu la reducció del 40% de les emissions de CO2 per al 2030

On the last 22 of January, the European Commission has set the climate and energy targets for member countries of the European Union. Parliament adopted a resolution calling on the EU executive and States members to set their own national targets individualized, depending on their situation, so that together it would be possible to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 40% compared to 1990 levels, by 2030.

The promotion of renewable energy sources has also been one of the talking points. In order to achieve greater energy independence and make more efficient use of European resources, the Euro Parliament has set another goal, to achieve 27% of energy production from renewable sources. In this particular case they have not established mandatory quotas for countries but is a figure that should reach the EU as a whole.

Furthermore, in order to strengthen its responsibility to reduce emissions, the EU has formalized its commitment to the United Nations in a letter which is committed, this time, to reduce by 20% charcoal-dioxide emissions by 2020 . With this letter, the European Union shows its support to the Copenhagen Declaration which, among other things, forced the countries to report their CO2 commitments by January 31.[:]

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