La motocicleta elèctrica com a vector de canvi en els hàbits de mobilitat

As part of the World Environment Day on Thursday, the 5th of June, it will be made the first symposium on urban motorcycle and mobility in the Museum of Barcelona, where the executive director of the LIVE project, Ramon Pruneda, exposed the different vectors of change in mobility behavior that provides the electric motorcycle. The electric vehicle strategy and business sector energy it´s the distribution and storage of the above, therefore its posible to increase the use of new energy sources and the distributed generation on new intelligent networks (Smart Grids). This change will also highlight the technological transformation regarding the propulsion energy that we gonna see live in the coming years: “we will have a mix of energy propulsion,” Pruneda said.

Also, the sales of electric motorcycles are increasing and are gradually gaining ground in market share. The reasons for this change are the increase in VAT, higher car tax and the high price of gasoline. In the case of the electric motorcycles the conditions are more favorable: in most municipalities you can find a tax reduced circulation which means less maintenance costs and, above all, with 30 cents you can travel 100 kilometers, compared to the 3,50€ of petrol.

Pruneda talked about the projects that are underway from the LIVE platform to intervene in these vectors of change. Communication and dissemination of technologies and products and the creation of incentives and incentive regulation of these clean technologies are the key in this process. One of the major projects that are driving the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area is the deployment of a network of quick charge, which is expected to be a turning point in the market especially for commercial/professional vehicles.

Today, we find certain parameters that affect mobility within cities like for example Barcelona: the occupation of parking and motorcycles on public roads; and noise pollution and emissions of CO2 and other pollutants. The solutions that the motorcycle gives are: parking management; new mobile services operators (such as charging points in car parks); favoring the new types of sharing services; etc. Electric motorcycles are presented as one of the best solutions to reduce pollution, taking into account also the noise pollution generated by urban transport.[:]

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