La modificació del Reial Decret contempla la figura del gestor de càrrega

Until 31 December of last year, the public charging of electric vehicles was free. Following the amendment to the Royal Decree on Charging Managers, regulating the management of public and semi-public charging stations, the process now includes the charging manager. This entity acts as a intermediary between the electricity and the user and is authorised to resell that energy.

At the Round Table held in Madrid on 6 February under the title Electric vehicle charging management. The new scenario starting in 2013, an attempt was made to resolve the lack of definition regarding the charging manager figure and the Royal Decree amendment.

The event, organised by the Spanish Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Cluster AEDIVE (Agrupación de Empresas Innovadoras de la Infraestructura de Vehículo Eléctrico) in collaboration with IDAE (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía) Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving ), was attended by more than one hundred professionals and representatives from important companies in the sector.

There were two sides to the debate; firstly, those representing the industrial and professional standpoint with respect to the manufacture and installation of charging stations, who were in favour of derogating the Royal Decree and secondly, the charging managers, who opposed this.

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