Electric mobility, the star of Barcelona Motor Show

Electric mobility, the star of Barcelona Motor Show

LIVE Platform and the City Council of Barcelona will take part of Barcelona Motor Show with their own stand within the Urban Mobility zone. They will expose and sensitize attendees about new trends of services and Technology that are being applied within the Sustainable Mobility city project.

During the exhibition, there will be a huge amount of content about main typologies and technologies of efficient vehicles and battery public charging points installed in Catalonia. Also, there will be an overview of the most important public incentives towards these clean technologies. Assistants will find electric and natural gas vehicles too, public car parks prototypes and services related to the Smart City concept and Sustainable Mobility.

Those interested may get information about local actions intended to greening fleets. They will find the Local Police electric bikes and the catalan SCUTUM, owned by BSM, who also will spreed its public subterranean car parks with sockets to charge electric vehicles and the Electric Bicing project.

This space is complemented by the presence of other LIVE members, such as TMB, Barcelona Metropolitan Area or City Council departments, suchs as Mobility or IMI. These public institutions will expose new prototypes such as Smart-quesina, electric bus, Smart City projects –SmartParking and AMB electric taxis

Thanks to LIVE platform, TMB, AMB and Barcelona City Council, the assistant will enjoy a 306º vision about latest progress on Sustainable Mobility.

Those interested in attending the Motor Show can get their entrance here: http://www.salonautomovil.com/ca/compra-de-entradas

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