Barcelona’s Guàrdia Urbana Police Department goes electric

Barcelona’s Guàrdia Urbana Police Department goes electric

Barcelona’s guàrdia urbana has unveiled a new fleet of 100% electric scooters of the german brand bmw, model c evolution. 30 units of the moped the renting service and LIVE member Alphabet will make the officers mobility more efficient and with zero emissions.

BMW’s C Evolution for Guàrdia Urbana is the same model as the stock bike, but has undergone several modifications to comply with the local police vehicle rules, which require a higher windshield, police force signaling system and a megaphone.

Guenther Seemann, president of BMW, has been commissioned to deliver the keys of the vehicles to the city mayor, Xavier Trias. Seemann declared that: “Delivering these fleet has a special meaning for the BMW Group, for two reasons. It is the world’s first all-electric motorbike fleet and it goes to Barcelona, a model city in Europe for two-wheeled transportation. At BMW we have the firm conviction that urban mobility will be defined in the next years around cities with minimal emissions.

To re-fuel the BMW e-bikes, LIVE members Evectra, B:SM and SIMON have been in charge of the expansion of low-voltage electrical refuelling installations, located in the parking lot of Estació del Nord.

The Guàrdia Urbana fleet has a light and sound system that requires the installation of a double charging point for each vehicle. Also, due to the characteristics of the fleet, a monitoring system that lets you know the status of different parameters such as load, estimated charging time and consumption of each motorcycle has been installed to allow better adaptation and ease of use of the bikes for the riders.

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