La Generalitat crea noves eines de consulta sobre contaminació atmosfèrica

During the working group conference to improve the air quality of the Xarxa de Ciutats i pobles cap a la Sostenibilitat, the Director General of Environmental Quality, Assumpta Farran, introduced last week, the new tools of inquiry on air pollution on Catalonia. This is a mobile application AIRE.CAT; geoinformation with the data stations Network Monitoring and Forecast of Air Pollution (XVPCA); and a web where you can find historical dates and the balance of air quality.

AIRE.CAT is a free mobile application, available for Android smartphones and Apple operating systems, for querying data on air pollution. With this tool, citizens can quickly know what is the status of the air quality (good-regular-poor) of the measurement points of Catalonia, which is closer to your location, and what has been the evolution during the last week.

Regarding the application of geoinformation on XVPCA stations, it is a web application for accessing data on air quality on the map. Provides access to real time data on contaminant levels measured by the automatic stations. It also makes possible to monitor the evolution of Catalan Index Air Quality (ICQA) and the forecast for the next hours. Everything is filtering by stations, pollutants, air quality zones or municipalities.

It was also presented the website, the quality of the air in Catalonia, that includes the balance sheets and reports on air quality since 2005. Can be consulted annually, by pollutant and by season. In addition to being improved interactivity, the page includes the ability to make queries of various types, access or download evolution statistics from each station or contaminant.

The air quality data of Catalonia in 2013 was also made public. Results indicate that pollution levels have remained stable in recent years, with a slight tendency to decrease. The main emission sources, such as ground transportation and industry, have increased the efficient of the systems to control emissions, which contributes to the decrease of the measured levels.

You can check all data on air quality in Catalonia during 2013 here.[:]

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