La Comissió Europea pren mesures a favor dels combustibles nets

The European Commission has announced a series of actions aimed at creating a basic network of charge points for ecological vehicles in order to provide easy access by citizens to this type of fuel and thus promote better acceptance of these vehicles. Those measures will affect both common design guidelines and guidelines for using this type of fuel.

With respect to electric vehicles, the European Commission has determined that in regard to the charge mode that corresponds to these automobiles (mode 3), the standard connection point for the entire EU will be what is termed a type 2 socket with a power of between 3.7 kW and 43.5 kW, which is currently the one most often used. This measure will make it possible to drive electric vehicles throughout the whole continent, knowing that they can be charged in any charging station in any member state.

On the other hand, the minimum number of charge points that each member state must have by 2020 has been established. In the case of Spain, this figure is 82,000, 60 times the existing number of stations.[:]

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