Jornada de divulgació: “Recursos d’eficiència energètica en el sector de la logística i del transport”

The logistics and transport sector is an essential driving force behind industry and a productive economy. At a time when fuel and electrical energy costs keep increasing, learning about energy saving systems is fundamental to encouraging competitiveness in the sector. To discuss this issue in depth, an informative workshop is planned on 14 May in the Barcelona Activa Auditorium, entitled “Energy efficiency resources in the logistics and transport sector”.

The workshop will include addresses from the various speakers, and two presentations. First, presentation of the “Manual of Solutions or Good Environmental and Energy Efficiency Practices in the logistics and transport sector”, which will discuss which existing resources are available to operators to help them save on consumption and also on the costs of goods transport fleets, logistics bays and logistics platforms. And secondly, presentation of the design of a new financing system, aimed at carriers and vehicle fleet companies to incorporate equipment and systems that save on fuel consumption.

The workshop has limited places, and so if you are interested in attending, just confirm by sending an e-mail to


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