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Natural Gas Fenosa agreements with the Port of Barcelona and SEAT

The Port of Barcelona and Gas Natural Fenosa signed earlier this year an agreement to promote the use of natural gas as fuel to the port, both to maritime mobility and in land. The agreement sets the basis for accelerating the process of implementation of natural gas as an alternative to liquid petroleum fuels, achieving reduction of pollutant emissions from transportation and saving conventional fuels in the port activities, both in the shed maritime and land. The bet of the Port of Barcelona and the energy company for the natural gas as fuel has three main objectives: to improve the air quality of the port environment and, by extension, the entire city and the metropolitan area; contribute to the competitive logistics industry and transport intensive industries; and help consolidate the Catalan capital as a logistics hub through uptake dependent on supplies of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) traffic.

The agreement is in line with the established action plan to improve air quality in 2011-2015 of the Government of Catalonia. In addition to the introduction of LNG, this plan includes other specific measures to be made in the Port such as the construction of access roads and rail access to the port. These infrastructures have to allow ease congestion on heavy vehicles and a modal shift to rail. Besides, it will ensure the competitive transport and logistics sector, since its price is cheaper than other petroleum fuels. The Clients that route their cargo through the Port of Barcelona will also benefit from a reduction in the environmental footprint of their supply chains, a fact that will make them more competitive in the global market.

Meanwhile, Gas Natural Fenosa and SEAT signed late last year a strategic partnership to develop and promote the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in the automotive field in Spain and promote it as an alternative fuel in the next two years. The two companies are working for a business model for the marketing of CNG vehicles which include all the value chain: the vehicle itself, the infrastructure and the supply of gas.

Among the initiatives agreed, the two companies are studying their joint participation in projects related to the promotion of CNG vehicle fleets of companies and individual use. They also work to incorporate SEAT vehicles running on CNG in fleets of Gas Natural Fenosa and its partners. Furthermore, the energy company and the automotive will analyze jointly the installation of CNG filling points of public access in those dealers that are considered relevant to promote this type of fuel. To finish, the companies engaged in research and development of sustainable sources of natural gas and technical implications that may result in the motor of the car brand.[:]

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