II Simposi Empresarial Internacional FUNSEAM Innovació i Sostenibilitat Energètica

The European Union has included in the ROADMAP 2050 important objectives that directly affect the energy sector in which it will be required to meet certain innovation processes. Therefore, the FUNSEAM foundation (Foundation for Energy and Environmental Sustainability) has organized, with the support of the Town Hall of Barcelona, the II International Business Symposium FUNSEAM of Innovation and Sustainable Energy. The Symposium will be held in the Science Park Auditorium in Barcelona on the 27th of January from 9:00 am.

During the day different world experts will discuss the role of innovation in the energy industry and the effects in the fight against climate change and its contribution to society. In addition, the main lines of action of Spanish companies on energy sustainability and institutional building initiatives for its development will be presented.

The Symposium will also have the assistance of various energy and technology supply companies with an international presence that will present innovative projects that are taking place in different parts of the world, with special focus on Latin American energy initiatives.

Check the full program: http://ruta.me/DorP[:]

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