How to apply for MOVES Plan 2019 grants
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How to apply for MOVES Plan 2019 grants

Government grants are now here so that individuals and companies can buy alternative energy vehicles. It’s the Efficient and Sustainable Mobility Incentive Programme (known as MOVES) and it is now available in Catalonia.

Aim of the grants

The idea is to encourage the purchase and entry into circulation of vehicles propelled by cleaner and more efficient energies in order to remove the oldest and most polluting ones. That is, they are grants for buying electric, gas or bi-fuel petrol-gas cars, vans, lorries and buses.

What the grants consist of

The amount that Catalonia receives for grants is 7.2 million euros. They are managed by the Catalan Institute of Energy (abbreviated to ICAEN in Catalan) and will be distributed in 4 parts:

1 – For individuals and companies that want to buy cars, light vans, lorries or buses. The amount of subsidy that applicants receive will range from €600 to €15,000, depending on the type and technology of propulsion.

2 – For individuals and companies that want to install a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. In this case, the amount that beneficiaries receive will be a maximum of €100,000 and will cover up to 40% of the cost of recharging equipment and associated civil works.

3 – For local authorities and companies that want to implement a loan system for electric bicycles. They will receive a maximum of €100,000 per application to cover up to 30% of the cost of the project, civil works, bicycles and management software.

4 – For companies that want to implement transport plans to access work. Each application will be able receive a maximum of €200,000 to cover 50% of the plan.

Who they are aimed at

Individuals and companies that want to buy directly or through financing operations such as leasing or renting new vehicles, registered for the first time in Spain. Every citizen will be able to request a grant for a vehicle, and companies will be able to do so for a maximum of 30 units for their fleets.

Requirements to apply for MOVES Plan grants

To purchase an electric car, it is essential to decommission and scrap a combustion car which is a minimum of 10 years old. In order to acquire an electric van, one more than 7 years old must be scrapped. In both cases the vehicle must have passed the ITV, have traffic tax paid and have been owned by the applicant for the last year. There are no grants for gas cars and light vans.

Grants for the purchase of electric cars includes pure electric (BEV), electric with a small combustion engine (REEV), electric with fuel cell (FCEV), electric with hybrid fuel cell (FCHV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV). Normal hybrids (HEV), i.e. non-plug-in hybrids, are not eligible.

In the case of buses and lorries, they must be electric or with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or bi-fuel petrol-gas propulsion.

If you want to buy an electric motorcycle, it must have a lithium battery, a design speed greater than 45 km/h, a nominal electric power equal to or greater than 3 kW, and a minimum range of 70 km.

To install a charging infrastructure for electric cars you must meet the basic technical requirements and have at least one Mennekes connector.

How to apply for a grant

There are several forms which can all be submitted online. In the case of individuals it must be done in person.

Form A is for requesting grants for the purchase of gas or biofuel lorries.

Form B is for the purchase of cars and vans of the various forms of electric.

Form C is for the purchase of electric motorcycles.

Form D is for trucks and buses of the various forms of electric.

The period for submitting applications runs from Tuesday 21st May 2019 until the available budget is exhausted or until 31st December 2019.

Steps to follow online

There are two stages to the process. Firstly, you have to make the request, and secondly you will need to justify it. Here are details of the steps:

1 – Download the relevant form, whether it be for individuals or for companies.

2 – Complete the first and third pages with your personal information. Expand the available windows to choose each option on the second page.

3 – Attach the documents to the form on page four, validate and sign with digital certificate on pages five and six.

4 – Send, and receive the acknowledgment of receipt.

For individuals, the application form must be downloaded and presented together with all the necessary documents in the offices of ICAEN, C/Pamplona, 113, Barcelona.

Documents to attach in the application

• Detailed quote of the purchase.

• Photocopy of DNI/NIE/NIF.

• Certificate of registration to the Spanish Tax Agency’s Census of Employers, Professionals and Withholders. If you are self-employed: certificate proving that you are up to date with Social Security and with the Tax Agency.

• Registration certificate of the vehicle to be scrapped.

• Technical sheet of the vehicle to be scrapped.

• Receipt of payment of the 2018 motor vehicle tax.

• Short description of performance.

Documents to attach in the justification

• Photocopy of the invoice for the sale of the vehicle dated later than the registration date of the grant application.

• This invoice must include the discount of €1,000 that the dealer is obliged to apply.

• Photocopy of the registration certificate of the vehicle purchased, original or provisional.

• Photocopy of the certificate confirming the definitive withdrawal of the scrapped vehicle.

• Proof of payment of the vehicle or copy of the rental contract, which must be for at least 2 years.

• Bank transfer form according to the model of the Government of Catalonia.

If you have any further questions, see our financial aid section.

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