The introduction of the electric bicycle is a success

The introduction of the electric bicycle is a success

After surpassing the excellent forecasts of the first call, Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) is to put in motion the second call of the promotion for converting electric bicycles into a habitual means of transport for citizens.

The promotion offers a 25 euro discount on the purchase of an electric bicycle, and the original price of the bicycle should not be more than 1,250 euros. A network of 23 stores has been set up in the metropolitan area which offer the above promotion and citizens can visit them to take advantage of this important discount, which is can be accumulated to other existing promotions.  The names of the stores are given here.

329 of the 500 bicycles sold thanks to the promotion (65%) were purchased by citizens from Barcelona. The rest were sold in important cities from the area, such as Badalona and Sant Cugat del Vallès. 89% of all the bicycles sold were purchased by individuals, and the remaining 11% were sold to companies.

During the next few days, the initiation of the second call will be published in the Provincial Gazette of Barcelona. From that moment on, any citizen who wishes to do so may benefit from this discount, which has the same conditions as the previous one. The promotion has a term of nine months, but considering the enormous success of the first one, it will probably last until stocks run out.

Simultaneously, AMB has opened the second call for a promotion targeted at metropolitan councils.  These councils can request the number of electric bicycles they want, and they will be assigned to the councils at no cost for a specific term, so that their technical staff can use to them during their professional duties and for travelling from their homes to work and back.

Citizens are becoming more and more aware

Before the implementation of the first promotion call, AMB conducted an extensive survey on 800 people residing in the metropolitan area regarding their perception of electric mobility and other forms of sustainable mobility.

The results are positive, as these citizens say they have more information and take a more positive view of sustainable mobility than they did two years ago, when a survey with the same questions was conducted. So, for instance, 84.5% of the people interviewed have some knowledge of or have heard about the electric bicycle and 27.5% are willing to buy one.

With respect to electric cars, 57.8% of the people interviewed would purchase one if they had the means; this figure is 8 points higher than that of two years back. The reasons most often given for taking this decision are that electric cars are better for the environment and guarantee economic savings.

Nonetheless, those who do not take into account this mobility option argue that the territory still has insufficient infrastructures in place (charge points), and that the capacity of the batteries is extremely limited.


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