EVS, el Simposi Mundial sobre el Vehicle Elèctric arriba a Barcelona

When?: 13 June at 18:00 h.

Where?: Barcelona Activa Auditorium Barcelona City Council

On occasion of the organising of the 27th edition of the World Electric Symposium and Exposition in Barcelona (EVS27) in November of this year, the College of Industrial Engineers College of Catalonia (EIC) and the Technological Circle of Catalonia (CTecno) have organised an event in which different representatives from the government, the automotive sector and the private and public sectors will provide information and establish new contact channels in order to pave the way for the long-awaited symposium.

The event will include several talks on topics such as the EVS27 and the current technological situation of electric vehicles and the effects of these vehicles on Catalan industry. Before the conclusion, a round table will be held in order to discuss the future of these vehicles.

More information: http://ruta.me/SKAg[:]

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