Espanya, sisè país europeu amb més electrolineres

According to the latest data given by the European Parliament, Spain is the sixth country in the European Union, of 28 in total, with more charging points for electric vehicles reaching the figure of 737 scattered around the country. United Kingdom (5,067), the Netherlands (4,595), France (2,458), Germany (2,033) and Ireland (1280) are the five countries that are ahead of Spain in the number of charging stations.

In what refers to Catalonia, during 2013 it has achieved 500 charging points including 15 that are fast charge. The capital, Barcelona, is where the highest concentration of charging points are with a 65% of the total community.

In order to combat the fear of consumers to the lack of charging stations, the European Parliament is considering implementing new rules that would require all the country members to build a minimum charging infrastructure to supply the needs of its citizens before 2020 and this way reduce pollutant emissions on the continent. In Spain, in particular, it is intended that the increase of charging stations amounts to 82,000, a figure 60 times higher than today.

In reference to other sources of a cleaner alternative energy, Spain ranks 19th in terms of stations liquefied petroleum gas (307), 9th in compressed natural gas stations and 5th in stations supplying hydrogen.


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