Endesa assoleix els 600 punts de recàrrega per a vehicles elèctrics a Espanya

The electricity company Endesa continues with its firm commitment to promote electric mobility as a key element in fighting climate change, by installing charging stations in Spain for domestic and institutional use. In 2012 alone, Endesa doubled its infrastructure network, reaching the figure of 600 charging stations. Today, the company has a fast-charge network in 11 regions in Spain and has executed almost one hundred new charging stations.

Along with Enel, its major shareholder, Endesa has also started its expansion in South America, where it is currently present in 3 countries, with Chile and Colombia being the most active. Furthermore, both companies are participating in several European Union initiatives such as Green eMotion and Unplugged, in order to promote the use of electric vehicles in the continent.

In Spain, Endesa is currently taking part in the SEM2ALL project which envisages the installation of more than 200 electric charge stations and a fleet of 200 vehicles with these characteristics in the province of Málaga, and also in Catalonia, through the LIVE project.[:]

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