There are many benefits to driving an electric car and they soon become evident during the day in a city like Barcelona.

From the moment you buy an electric car, you will have access to numerous public authority incentives, from an initial subsidy to help you buy it to exemption from paying vehicle registration tax. HERE is a summary of the perks. You can charge your vehicle overnight in your garage or at points available in many public car parks. The public authorities offer financial aid for the installation of a charge point in your garage and there are special rates for electricity consumption by electric vehicles. When you are on the road, this type of vehicle can use the HOV lane and it has toll-free access to most roads around Barcelona.

Unlike combustion engines, electrically-powered ones do not make any noise, enhancing the passenger experience. Because they have zero local emissions, electric vehicles are the ones that make the least impact on the environment and on public health. They do not contribute to the pollutant particles that fill the city air, leading to a variety of illnesses like allergies, asthma or other more serious problems, which boost the number of deaths each year caused by environmental pollution. The Spanish Traffic Department plans to make all vehicles carry an adhesive sticker indicative of its level of pollution, leading to situations of ‘positive discrimination’ in the case of electric vehicles.

When you reach your destination, you will be able to find parking for electric vehicles easier. The city of Barcelona has over 300 charge points, including 13 fast-charge ones (meaning that 80% of the battery can be charged in just 20 minutes). What is more, residents can park free of charge in non residents-only green and blue parking areas.

At the end of the day, the benefits are clear: an electric vehicle only consumes 2 euros per 100 km as opposed to 5 euros in the case of the most efficient diesel-powered model, and it’s exempt from the payment of vehicle registration tax and receives a 75% discount on road taxes. This type of vehicle breaks down less often, since an electric engine needs less maintenance and fewer services. It does not need oil, filters or belts to run. As a result, instead of having a service every 15,000 kilometres, it only needs one every 50,000 kilometres. Because it has a smart driving system and makes more use of engine braking, the brake discs and tyres last much longer. In a few short words, this all means greater savings and more sustainability.

Lastly, when you get home, all you have to do is to plug the car in where you park it. (For further details of financial aid for the installation of charge points, see below). The next day, the battery will have charged and you can once again take advantage of all the benefits your electric car offers.

For further information on all the financial aid and incentives for electric vehicles, see the LIVE website

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