Els edificis amb punts de recàrrega per a vehicles elèctrics podran rebre el segell ASECE

With the aim of promoting the installation of electric-vehicle recharging points inbuildings, and subject to certain quality and energy-efficiency criteria, the Spanish Association for High-Quality Building (ASECE) and the Spanish Cluster for the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (AEDIVE) have formed an alliance.

Following the execution of a co-operation agreement, the two organizations will confer the ASECE Quality Seal a Spanish instrument for the verification of the quality of products on buildings fitted with electric-vehicle recharging points. The seal will recognise the installation of recharging points as being an added value to any building. This initiative will promote the two main objectives pursued by the two associations: to boost the electric-mobility industry and to create new jobs in this emerging sector.

Currently, ASECE and AEDIVE are already working on conferring the first ASECE Electric-Vehicle Infrastructure Seal on the RECARGO project, an initiative involving the re-charging of a fleet of electric vehicles providing urban services in Barcelona through four re-charging points powered by solar panels.[:]

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