El vehicle elèctric, un objectiu prioritari de Catalunya

The Energy and Climate Change Plan 2012-2020 approved by the Catalan Government is intended to be used as a guide for Catalan energy and climate change migration policies.

The purpose of the plan is to ensure an economy and a society that are based on low energy intensity and low carbon emissions. The proposed lines of work aim to achieve a reduction in energy consumption of 20.2%, an increase of 20.1% in the relevance of renewable energies and a reduction of 25.3% in CO2 emissions.

The implementation of the electric vehicle is one of the basic strategies for achieving the proposed objectives. Some of the specific actions included in the plan with respect to electric vehicles are:

  • Promotion and acquisition of electric vehicles.
  • Fostering of industrialisation and R+D related to e-mobility.
  • Development of charging infrastructures.
  • Adaptation and International positioning of the automotive sector, the energy sector and the information technologies sector and new emerging sectors in the electric vehicle environment.
  • Establishment of synergies between efficient transport systems (rail, road, “car sharing”) and electric vehicles.

The Catalan Government has also drafted an Industrial and Business Activity Plan for 2012-2014, as one of the major measures taken by the Government to promote the economic reactivation of Catalonia which includes a Sustainable Mobility Action Plan. The purpose of this initiative is to make Catalonia a region of international repute in the design, manufacture and implementation of integrated mobility solutions.


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