El sector comercial aposta pel vehicle elèctric

The commercial vehicle sector continues producing newness in their chain. All major brands continue renewing their vans. In these sector, sales continues growing and new models are a collection of nearly performance and technology perfection.

This summer has arrived the new Opel Vivaro, completely renovated. It has four configurations, with two engines and four powers. The new Vivaro has won 216 millimetres in both height and length compared with the previous generation. The news van includes Opel IntelliLink system, which integrates the functions of a smartphone touch screen high-resolution seven-inch with Bluetooth. The Opel Vivaro EcoMotor has won the award to the best commercial vehicle.

At the PSA headquarters in Vigo, they manufacture the electric version of the Citroen Berlingo. The product is developed in collaboration with the Government of Galicia; his frame has replaced its conventional propellant motor by Mitsubishi electric motor technology. It provides an output equivalent to 67 hp, which allows booting Berlingo fully loaded on a slope up to 25%. Its payload is 673 pounds; it has an area of 3.7 cubic meters. Its battery can be recharged at a household outlet, a process that takes between 8.3 and 15 hours, or a quick charger that guarantees 80% charge in just half an hour of connection. With a full recharge, the Citroën Berlingo E is capable of traveling up to 170 km away.

We cannot ignore the new Nissan e-NV200 commercial vehicle that incorporates the experience of the Japanese firm with the Leaf model, 100% electric motor. Therefore, expenditure on maintenance is 40% lower than the diesel model; electricity price will be between 1 and 2 euros per 100 km according the brand. The official frame of the vehicle is 170 km, which should be more than enough for daily use in a city without major shifts beyond. The recharge time of the battery in eight hours from a conventional plug, until 30 minutes if we want to load up to 80% of the battery. With the different configurations of the vehicle purchase are included: rental batteries, and electric vehicle grants. The e-NV200 can earn over 13,000 euros.


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