El projecte EVIC dóna solucions a la gestió de recàrrega i la localització dels vehicles elèctrics

Given the current status of the implementation of electric vehicles and the opportunities thats offers this new market, a number of large companies (FICOSA and GTD), entrepreneurs (EDENWAY), with the assistance of a technology research center renowned (ASCAMM) initiated two years ago, thanks to the core program of the Generalitat of Catalonia financed by European FEDER funds, an R&D project called EVIC.

The EVIC project aims to cover one of the biggest needs of companies that offer products and/or related electric vehicle services: control of load balancing electricity to the grid through intelligent management of demand in real time. To achieve this, EVIC has considered the geographic distribution of electric vehicles in real time and updated energy needs.

The main objective of this project was the design and development of a combined technology with advanced positioning capabilities that are integrated into a centralized demand management. This system consists of a processing center for control of electricity demand and a module shipped into the to electric vehicle that provides the position and battery status ubiquitously. Electric vehicle users can also benefit from this new system by accessing the web portal that allows monitoring of itheir own electric vehicle and data exchange, and its also posible to remotely access real-time data about their electric vehicle, enter custom data it can also be used as assistant to find the optimal point recharge.

The Platform generated provides a comprehensive service in which users can manage all the variables related to the use of electric vehicles under its own activity, allowing you to maximize service profitability and minimize the impact of energy and economics. All information has centralized access so the data can be retrieved at any time. Not only has been created a web platform where you can access all the information in real time, including from a mobile device, but it can include a notification service of incidents, problem with charging network, and also informs of opportunities and benefits for users such as the availability of parking spaces, discount rates, changes to the route depending on traffic incidents. The data is collected and transmitted to the ship unit through the mobile network data EVIC-BOA.

The EVIC-BOA server performs the following main functions: processing requests for different types of users (reserve vehicles and stations, route lookup and vehicle data, etc.) communicate with electric vehicles for the state vector and state information for users, vehicles and stations; the price of the grid energy; and automatically manage the fare with all the above data. All information that reaches the EVIC-BOA server is managed through the generation of databases, processing and delivery upon demand by users.


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