El projecte europeu Ele.C.Tra es posa en marxa

The European Union has approved the start-up of the Ele.C.Tra (Electric City Transport) project, which forms part of the European Intelligent Energy Programme. The initiative is aimed at promoting a new urban mobility model through the use of electric scooters to help reduce contaminant emissions and provide the accessibility solutions required by cities that cannot be resolved by local public transport vehicles. The project, which is scheduled to last until December 2015, has a budget of €1,266,186.

Ele.C.Tra has 11 partners from 8 different European Union states (Italy, Rumania, Malta, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Portugal and Spain) and three pilot cities (Barcelona, Florence and Genoa) which were selected due to their high volume of scooter traffic. While the project is being tested in the three pilot cities, work will begin in other cities to favour a faster implementation of the service in the future.

BCNecologia, the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, which is taking part in the project as a partner, will allocate a budget of €150,000 to promoting electric mobility among the public bodies, companies and local agents involved.


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