El manteniment del cotxe elèctric és tres cops menys que el d’un híbrid

One great saving for owners of electric vehicles is their maintenance, which costs much less than that of conventional fuel-powered vehicles and up to three times less expensive than that of hybrid ones; this is the result of the study entitled “Vehicles and savings based on their motorisation” by Audatex, a company that provides after-sales services for the automotive industry.

The study analysed maintenance costs for the three types of motorisation incurred after travelling 120,000 km (approximately 75,000 miles) by the three types of motorisation in order to compare the results. The report showed that over that distance, the average annual maintenance cost is €2,038 for a petrol-fuelled car, €2,143 for a diesel car, €3,200 for a hybrid car and €1,156 for an electric car, with the latter being considerably lower than the others.

As well as analysing the cost, Audatex attributes an increase in maintenance cost for hybrid cars or traditionally-powered cars from the sixth year, since they require additional operations which are not required in electric vehicles, such as changing the oil, the timing belt, the air filter or the fuel filter.

Once again, there is proof that apart from the long-term environmental benefits of electric vehicles, they also mean savings in terms of price per mile and maintenance.

More information: http://ruta.me/WneZ


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