El Govern espanyol llançarà la tercera edició del Plan Pive, que permetrà estalviar 36 milions de litres de carburant anuals

Following the success of the two previous editions, the Government has announced the implementation of Pive Plan 3, with an endowment of 70 million euros. This initiative will not only serve to stimulate the industry but will save 36 million litres of fuel a year and prevent the atmospheric emission of 122,000 tons of CO2 through replacing old vehicles with other, more efficient ones, according to the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving).

The beneficiaries of this aid will be consumers, self-employed professionals, micro companies and small businesses replacing passenger vehicles aged over 10 years or commercial vehicles over 7 with more efficient conventional vehicles, hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid or extended-autonomy electric vehicles and all-electric vehicles.

The public aid offered will continue to be 2,000 euros per vehicle, which must cost no more than €25,000 (excluding VAT). An exception will be made for consumers buying buy electric, plug-in hybrid and extended-autonomy vehicles and those purchasing passenger cars that seat more than five people.[:]

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