El Govern destinarà 150 milions d’euros al pla PIVE2

After the budget for the first edition run out in just over three months, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has set up a second period for the Plan of Incentives for Efficient Vehicles, PIVE2, which will be in force for one year, from 4 February until funds expire.

The plan, which has been designed to promote purchases of less contaminating vehicles, intends replacing about 150,000 passenger cars and industrial vehicles that are between 10 and 7 years old, respectively. The aim is to achieve an energy saving of 78 million litres of fuel a year, which would mean an economic saving of 36 million Euros annually, and also a reduction in contaminating emissions of 262,000 tonnes during that same period. Therefore, this second edition has been provided with a budget of 150 million Euros.

The economic assistance per vehicle, which continues to be 2000 Euros (1000 from public funds and 1000 from car brands) is applicable only to purchasing new, “green” vehicles, including electric cars, hybrids, ones which use alternative fossil fuels or passengers cars (M1) and light industrial vehicles (N1) with CO2 emissions that are equal to or less than 120 g/km, and which have an energy efficiency qualification A, B, C or D, in the said database.

The beneficiaries of this plan could be private owners, professionals, self-employed professionals, micro-companies and SMEs which acquire vehicles with the characteristics mentioned and a maximum price of 25,000 Euros before tax, except electric vehicles, which by being considered maximum energy efficient (qualification A), do not have any price limit.

For further information please go to http://www.minetur.gob.es/ENERGIA/ES-ES/SERVICIOS/VEHICULOEFICIENTE/Paginas/programa-vehiculo-eficiente.aspx


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