El futur del vehicle elèctric passa per la recàrrega ràpida

The bet on electric vehicles is increasingly present in our municipalities. Both metropolitan area of Barcelona (AMB) and the City of the Catalan capital have said that by the end of the year or early 2015, there will be enough points of fast recharge throughout the land, because there is a problem getting around city or nearby, with a car or a motorcycle of this type. Most stations will be provided by Nissan that will have the three most commonly used pug models in the market, two Europeans (CCS Mennekes and Combo) and one Japanese (CHAdeMO), and its also being studied the option of standardization. In the charging points you will be able to recharge in about twenty minutes, and during the first two years it will be for free.

Currently what we can find in Catalonia are slow recharge points. More than 500 points are counted throughout Catalonia, mostly located in the AMB, which are private, public initiative, and in many cases mixed. They have conventional outlets, which require energy to be refueled for two, three or four hours, in the case of motorcycles, and up to eight hours for cars.

The future of the electric vehicles passes trought the fast recharging, currently with vert little present. Barcelona, which is seventh in the world ranking of development initiatives in the electric mobility is already working. The new urban network of charging stations and similar metropolitan area , that entail a cost of 750,000 euros financed by the supra body and installed in high traffic points. This cost does not include the city of Barcelona, since the City will provide 240,000 euros to the facilities of  Nissan. The local government has already decided weeks ago the places where these charging points will be installed. Most will be installed during next summer and will be bringing forward Diagonal, Passeig de Gràcia and Paral·lel, the timing of which must be set to the works being carried out in these avenues. These new facilities will be added to the quick recharge situated in the Parc del Mar, the Olympic Village (three outlets free of charge) and at the top of the Diagonal (with only one outlet chadeMO, private, fee required).

In the rest of the metropolitan area its necessary to formalize agreements with municipalities, which must yield the floor, but have already decided the sectors where the charging points will be installed. In all these places it will be possible to use the same card user that will be used in the charging of the city of Barcelona. In the capital there are 262 points of free public use (140 in surface). To use the surface ones its necessary the blue card that you get in your Live Point, the office of the electric vehicle, the square Carles Pi y Sunyer. Until January 2014 have been already issued 422 cards.

All stations will be of fast charging, in automatic Trio format (for the three plugs) and, that is, without staff. The charging of the municipality of Barcelona will be owned by the City. The rest will be the AMB. Each of these administrations will soon make a competition for the installation and maintenance of the trio points network.

Grants and incentives

One of the advantages of the new initiative is all the free green and blue areas (limited time) or 75% bonus tax. Furthermore, in a electric vehicle you can enjoy other benefits: 40% bonus to access tolls in Barcelona (Sant Cugat and Vallvidrera); accreditation for driving on the rail bus-VAO of the  C-58 (public transport in the city); among others.

As for the data, today there are about 1,000 electric vehicles registered in Catalonia and over 300 municipal fleets (cleaning, lighting) in Barcelona, where we can also found circulating in the testing phase, a bus TMB 100% electric.[:]

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