El Bicing elèctric es posarà en marxa a finals d’any

At the end of the year will be launched in Barcelona the electric Bicing that will count with 300 bikes, with a similar design but in white, they are gonna be divided among 45 stations as announced this wednesday on the press conference given by the Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias.

The new service, which the subscription will cost 14 euros per year plus the payment for use and it has a limit between 7,000 – 8,000 subscriptions, was created in addition to the current Bicing with the aim of improving the efficiency of the service, which will facilitate the longer and ascent rides and by doing so it enhances the image that Barcelona is one of the leaders of the Smart Cities. With this pilot test, which will run until March 2017 and will be deployed in two phases – 150 bikes in December and in January 2015 the rest – the council seeks to consolidate this vehicle as a mean of transport to the whole city. The objective is to act as a multiplier of the number of daily uses of bikes in the town.

As explained by the Second Deputy Mayor, Sonia Recasens, the pilot test has a cost of more or less five million euros – one million for the operation, 2.3 million of euros cost during the pilot and 2.1 million euros maintenance – which is suppose to raise 650,000 euros of income. Of the 45 stations – 600 anchors – 32 are part of the network B:SM and must be within the underground parking, this way its possible to minimize the effect of vandalism, 8 stations in private car parks, and 5 more at street level. The location of the parking stations will permit the use of 250 points of electrical recharging already existing, which can save costs in building new stations with a recharging system for the street.

The bicycles that are manufactured in Catalonia and have a maximum weight of 23 kilos can drive through the usual cycle paths and reach a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. The full recharge time will be two hours and the life of the lithium battery will be 20,000 kilometers and it will be incorporated into the chassis. The performance of electric bicycles is entirely integrated with the normal Bicing and share the same schedule, computer service, customer care and services provided by the “app”, there will also be accessible vans adapted to the electric service to replace vehicles and maintain them.

Trias, the Mayor, said that since the implementation in 2007, Bicing has become “the means of more efficient and environmentally friendly transport” and the arrival of the electric bicycle is a step forward to make Barcelona a city more sustainable and leader within the Smarts Cities. The CEO of Clear Channel Spain – the company that will manage the service – Alberto Caceres, said that this project is an example of public-private collaboration and innovation in the Catalan business, therefore they will try to export the model to other countries.

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